Patient Testimonials

“Thanks for taking your time and explaining my xrays to me. This is the first time any pain doctor has stopped and explained why I hurt. You guys are the best”.

“I have seen so many doctors of the past seven years, but this is the first time I have actually gotten any relief. I hardly take my pain pills anymore. "

“Thank you Dr. Askew for giving me my husband back. He’s that guy I married again”
Bill C

“The pain pump has given me my life back. 2 years in a wheel chair, but now I’m playing the bag pipes again and last week I rode my motorcycle. I’ll tell anyone who will listen in english or spanish!!”
Raphael P.

“'Dr. Askew is absolutely the best' a patient told me glowingly. Thank you for all you do for our patients that give them some pain relief and control over their lives. I am grateful.”
Administrator St. Joseph’s hospital Stockton, CA

“You are truly a blessing.”

“The office manager Melissa is the best. She always listens and is very easy to talk to. The two together fill a big gap in our Lodi community. After My first visit I sent three of my friends.”

"After my procedure I laughed and I cried then I laughed again. I never believed I would ever stop hurting. You are my hero without a cape, but I guess the dreads will do"
David E

“That guy is amazing- a real man’s man. Handsome, strong, smart, caring and he loves the Lord. Everyone should have a doctor, friend and husband like him.”
My Mom!!

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